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Latest Press Release - Keepin.AI

The AI-Enhanced Home and Travel Storage App simplifies and optimizes the organization and retrieval of items within households. This cutting-edge system integrates physical storage containers with an intuitive mobile application, harnessing the power of non-generative artificial intelligence (AI) and image recognition technology to revolutionize the entire process. With the app’s AI chatbot, users can quickly pinpoint the location of the items within their Home, Storage bins, or Travel Luggage with the option to utilize physical components for more precise storage and location. Keepin storage bins and QR/NFC tags can be designated to specific drawers, closets, or other spaces for easy scanning, all at the same price as standard storage containers - providing smart tracking items at no additional cost.

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Moss Pure

We started working with Moss Pure in late 2019 / early 2020, soon after they filed their patent application. We helped curate the direction their marketing plan will follow. Created original media as well as print materials while continuously observing the brand's image and making sure it always appears in the best light.

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